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About Us here at BeautyMatters.ie

Hello there! Let us introduce ourselves: we are BeautyMatters.ie.

We are based in Dundalk.

Our goal - let's rephrase that - our vision is to make sure you have a fantastic experience while having a browse through our online store.

Bear in mind that we take no responsibility if you happen to fall head over heels in love with our gorgeous hand picked range of nail lacquers or even our superb selection of skincare. If you happen to see something you like then great, pop it into your basket (shhh...we won't tell if you don't :-P ).

And if you don't get the chance to indulge and pamper yourself this time around, don't worry - just visit our Facebook page, where we like to reward everyone just for being a part of the Beauty Matters family. Everyone knows sharing is caring, so that's what we're doing. We are bringing so many wonderful beauty and hair products to Ireland so we can all share them together. We've brought you brands like AR457, Ren, Butter London...oh my goodness, too many to name...I think we may have over shopped on this occasion. But hey, what's ours is yours and your happiness is what matters here at BeautyMatters.ie.

We can guarantee a lot to our customers. If we could deliver your luxuries by helicopter we would. They will arrive at your door on time with all the love, tenderness and care they deserve, so you can enjoy the benefits of being part of the Beauty Matters family. We might even throw in some extra freebies if you're good...

Thanks for visiting us! Come back soon, Beauty Matters Team


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