KENT.SALON - KS01 Cushion Brush

A best seller! Oval orange red cushion, nylon quill & soft boar bristle mix ideal for grooming a straightening.
Price: €33.00 €26.40

KENT.SALON - KS02 Curved Vent Brush

Curved vent with rows of 50 moulded flexible pins & 10 rows of boar bristle ideal for blow drying, volumising and speed drying.
Price: €26.00 €20.80

KENT.SALON - KS03 Kent Vent Brush

The head of this fantastic little brush is moulded as a single unit meaning there are no sharp lines to pinch or cut the hair.
Price: €26.00 €20.80

KENT.SALON - KS04 Dressing Out Brush

Single piece of heat proof ABS with extended curve & tapered handle, ending in a beautiful metal point ideal for backcombing!
Price: €20.00 €16.00

KENT.SALON - KS05 Paddle Brush

A classic fine pinned full size paddle brush with a 90mm wide head. Perfect for grooming and straightening long hair.
Price: €33.00 €26.40

KENT.SALON - KS06 Cushion Brush

A narrow version of our fine pinned classic paddle brush, this time featuring a 40mm wide head. Perfect for grooming & straightening short, fine hair.
Price: €26.00 €20.80

KENT.SALON - KS07 Paddle Brush

A fantastic full sized paddle brush featuring the Kent Salon fat quills. These rounded over-size quills are fantastic at de-tangling long wet hair.
Price: €33.00 €26.40

KENT.SALON - KS08 Cushion Brush

A narrow version of our fantastic fat quilled paddle brush. These over-sized quills glide through wet tangled hair with ease. Ideal for shorter hair.
Price: €26.00 €20.80

KENT.SALON - KS09 7 Row Styling Brush

7 row staggered soft round ended nylon quill set into removable anti-static silicone head ideal for styling and grooming.
Price: €33.00 €26.40

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