Kitten Heels: Foot Creme

Kitten Heels, our miraculous Powder Finish Foot Creme, instantly hydrates, yet leaves a soft, powder finish to help keep your feet dry and silky.
Price: €30.00

Mucky Pups: Foot Wipes

Part of butter LONDON’s famous Waterless Pedicure System, Mucky Pups Foot Wipes are the perfect solution when your “dogs are barking.”
Price: €15.00

Rock Off: Glycolic Callus Peel

Shake well and roll over hard skin areas until wet. Wait 3-5 minutes, and then using a foot file, file treated area. Hard skin simply melts away!
Price: €30.00

Stiletto Stick: Hydrating Heel Balm

Stiletto Stick, a Hydrating Heel Balm to soften and smooth your heels. Dry, cracked areas will fade away, offering instant relief!
Price: €30.00
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