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AR457 [duet] Limited Edition lyf + look combo

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15ml & 30ml Bottle
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THE PERFECT GIFT FOR PERFECT SKIN : ar457 understand that a perfect gift should be indulgent and luxurious ? but what use is luxury unless it lasts? With this in mind, ar457 have created the ultimate beauty gift. They have brought together the two most desirable products from their sort after skincare range, beautifully boxed, to create a gift where the luxury is matched only by the effectiveness of the products themselves.


Anti-ageing argan complex: restores balance and structure [lyf] lightens and revitalizes immediately, moisturizes intensely and deeply, reduces and calms hypersensitivity, awakens and invigorates, targets wrinkles & restores structural integrity, > (scroll here to reveal more) restores balance in greasy/dry areas [look] mix of natural tensors for a smoothed microrelief and a recovered suppleness, wide anti-creasing action and subcutaneous stress reduction, improves skin density, blurs lines and wrinkles. 30ml + 15ml


  • ARGAN: Gamma-tocopherols block the action of free radicals and stop the cell malfunctions that cause skin ageing.
  • AGE and AGI are restructuring and rejuvenating (prolonging the moisturizing effect).
  • Delta 7 sterols (phytosterol) inhibit the factors that cause skin problems such as acnea and hyper – seborhea.
  • Squalene: precursor of DHEA (anti-ageing hormone).
  • Lupeol has healing properties and promotes the proliferation of keratinocytes (hair, nails, and skin).
  • Padina Pavonica (Mediteranean brown algae): stimulates and intensifies skin's firmness and elasticity, as well as reducing sensitivity to a variety of aggressive agents, particularly free radicals.
  • Caprylic Triglyceride (in plant oils such as coconuts): highly emollient
  • Rosemary: Antioxydant
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