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Balmi Cubes - Buy 3 and you get 1 FREE!

A very special offer for all our Facebook fans! Buy 3 and get the 4th flavour FREE!
Price: €17.85 €17.85

KENT.SALON - KS07 Paddle Brush

A fantastic full sized paddle brush featuring the Kent Salon fat quills. These rounded over-size quills are fantastic at de-tangling long wet hair.
Price: €33.00 €30.00

Butter London - Jaffa

Jaffa Nail Lacquer from Butter London is a juicy orange colour, seedless, but potent as Hell.
Price: €15.00 €12.00

Beauty Spoon - Pack of 2

A revolutionary beauty tool that helps you spoon out all your creams, lotions & serums - making sure you get to use every last drop! Contains 2 spoo
Price: €9.50 €8.50
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