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Hardwear Quick Topcoat

A great topcoat is a necessity for longer lasting manicures. Hardwear protects the layers of colour beneath it, and gives a super-shiny finish.
Price: €20.00 €16.00

AR457 [ctrl] Cellulite & Slimming Care

Treat cellulite with ar457 Cellulite & Slimming Care. Due to the natural active ingredients found within this formula, cellulite is reduced.
Price: €74.00 €59.20

AR457 [dmkr] Skin Cleanser

ar457 makeup remover restores all your skin's natural radiance and provides the moisturizing care it needs, as well as all the benefits of Argan oil.
Price: €49.00 €39.20

AR457 [duet] Limited Edition lyf + look combo

AR457 have brought together the two most desirable products from their skincare range. This is the perfect present for all occasions.
Price: €164.00 €110.00
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